Guarantee One Grade Level Improvement After 40 Hours

Today's Math Education Challenges:

  • Students lack practices. School math homework assigned at school is often not sufficient. 
  • Students lack good math habits. For example: try to do too much mental math, skip steps and not double check answers.
  • Make a lot of "careless" mistakes. It seems that students know the concepts, but cannot solve math problem consistently.
  • Struggle with Word Problems.
  • Lack advanced math skill training. Students often learn the BASIC math skills ONLY. Advanced math shortcuts are critically important, but lacking.
  • Higher school standard (Common Core Standard).

ITC Math:

  • Identify students' weakness
  • Focused problem solving
  • Teach both basic and advanced math skills.
  • Additional homework practice if needed. 
  • Enforce the following math skills:
    • ​Write neatly
    • Cannot skip important steps
    • Double check answers

School Homework Support:

  • Our tutors are trained NOT to do the student's homework for them, but to teach students how to do homework effectively on their own. 
  • In addition, we teach students critical organization skills to manage homework.

1st-8th Grade Tutoring Tuition

1:2 Teacher : Student Ratio

OptionsHourly RateTotal



Preppay 40 Hrs

Prepay 80 Hrs$50$4,000

Tutoring Guarantee

One Grade Level Improvement After 40 Hours

If students do not make the guaranteed progress,  future lessons are free until such improvements are made. We follow Common Core Standard for teaching in general

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