Guarantee One Grade Level Improvement After 40 Hours

Nick Ni, Executive Director

Nick has 10 years of tutoring experience and helped over 2,000 students achieve their educational goals in the Bay Area. He majored in math & English education in China, then obtained an Architecture undergraduate degree and M.S. in Computer Science from University of Hawaii

Yuki Yu, Executive Director

Yuki has 15 years of training and management experience. She majored in business management and has unwavering commitment to provide best customer service. She is an excellent coach for students and delivers great customer services at ITC. 

John, English Teacher

John has over 10 years of English tutoring experience. He obtained his Master's degree in English from University of Texas. 

Michael, English & Math Teacher

Michael has 2 years of tutoring experience. He obtained his degree in English, but he enjoys math teaching. 

Heather, English & Math Teacher

Heather has 3 years of tutoring experience. She obtained her Master's Degree in Education from University of Pennsylvania.

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